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Vermittlungsgebühren 150 EUR (+ Extra Fee)

Flagge Ungarn

Seit einigen Jahren arbeiten wir in Ungarn mit der Egyesek Youth Organisation zusammen, einer Organisation aktiver junger Leute, Freiwillger, Jugendarbeiter und Trainer, die aus einer informellen Jugendinitiative heraus entstanden ist.

Egyesek erhebt eine Extra-Gebühr von 50€, die sie für die Koordination und Promotion der Camps verwenden. Außerdem werden damit auch ihre Campleitungstrainings finanziert.

Organisiere und leite interaktive Workshops fuer lokale Kinder
Ungarn    EGY17-02    VOLUNTEERS FOR KIDS OF KAZR    03.07.-09.07.2017    KIDS   8vols
AGE: 18-25 years
PROJECT: Tizen5let Youth Association was created by 15 young people in 2008 because there was no organization dealing with problems of youngsters. Today we have 27 members who take part in the life of the organization as a voluntary base. Every year our main program is the Beach Party, where famous Hungarian DJ makes music. We also help to develop the village and keep the environment clean. We renovated fences and we organized community actions to clean the forest near Kazar. We organise every summer different handcraft programs for the local children. These programs are free of charge and the little ones like them very much. We have already participated in different international youth programs as well; we established partnerships with Finish and Slovakian organisations with whom we share the value of volunteering.
WORK: Volunteers will organise and deliver interactive workshops for local children such as handcrafts, leisure activities (age 7-14), outdoor games with the support of the local young people. We give opportunity to the volunteers to fully contribute to the activities with their ideas, expertise, and experiences. The first day will be dedicated to introduction and planning. Every day we will discuss about the daily program and prepare together for the workshops. The working time will be from 8 am till 3 pm.
ACCOMODATION: Volunteers will sleep on bunk beds in a tourist house in 3 rooms, each with 5 bunk beds. The house has 3 bathrooms with 3 toilets and 1 common kitchen so there is an opportunity for cooking. The volunteers will get meals 3 times a day: cold breakfast, lunch package and a hot dinner. Vegetarian food is not provided, in case of a vegetarian volunteer, she/he has to arrange his/her own food (buy it in the local shop/cook it).
LOCATION AND LEISURE: The nearest town to Kazar village is Salgotarjan by 20minutes on bus (10 km). From Salgotarjan many other cities are easily reachable, Budapest is by 120 km. In Salgotarjan there are museums, supermarkets, banks and many opportunities for hiking in the beautiful nature around. Kazar is famous of its living folklore culture, therefore you can find 8 museums which will be available for the volunteers for free in an organised time, and there is a Riolity- tuff near the village which is a unique in whole Europe. The host organisation will organise different outdoor activities for the volunteers in case of interest. The weekend will be free which can be used for visiting Budapest or organize common trips, activities with the local youngsters, families.
REQUIREMENTS: Experience in working with children is preferred, but not required. We ask the volunteers to preferably arrive until 03. 07.2017. 12 a.m. There is also an opportunity to arrive on the previous day (02/07).
NEAREST AIRPORT:Budapest, Ferenc Liszt Airport
FEE: 50€

Verschoenere eine ungarische Stadt
Ungarn    EGY17-03    MAKE A PRETTY VILLAGE    15.07.-30.07.2017    MANU   8vols
AGE: 18-40 years
PROJECT: Rimoc Youth Association was founded eight years ago. The Association was founded by a group of local young people to spend their free time useful. The Association maintains its own youth community place since 2012 where youth spend their free time in the evenings. The Association is an active member of the village's life; we are working for making it livable and attractive for young people to stay and settle down.
WORK: During the camp, participants perform multiple tasks beautifying the village to develop the quality for the Village Day-related events. Some of the participants will shoot videos about the village, and work on/edit the materials till the camp's end.The following tasks will be implemented according to the weather conditions and the function of time:to clean the the bicycle path, which connects Rimoc and Holloko; (7km) for the bicycle tour to paint the cemetery fenceto paint the walls of the local school with fairy tale charactersto make a spectacular graffiti on the firewall of the settlement (a shop's wall)
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: We will use a sport-building to accommodate the volunteers; in addition, they will be accommodated at family-houses.The village s leadership undertook the meals at the local cuisine (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
LOCATION AND LEISURE: The camp will be held in Rimoc. Rimoc is a small village (population 1800) in Northern Hungary. One important feature of the village is the traditions: the local costumes and the local folk dance. The village is relatively complete infrastructure, there are small shops and pubs next to the post office, community center, youth club, sports hall, sports changing rooms and sports fields, three museums and two rural accommodation. During the camp, participants will have the opportunity to participate in programs by the local municipality to make them more feel like home. There are also possibilities for outdoor and sport activities on the football field and sport hall of the village.
REQUIREMENTS: We expect creativity in several ways (graphics and audio-visual field) from the volunteers.
NEAREST AIRPORT: Budapest, Ferenc Liszt Airport
NEAREST TRAIN/ BUS STATION: Rimóc bus station (or the nearby town, Szécsény)
FEE: 50€

Reparieren, Streichen, Gartenarbeiten zur Vorbereitung eines Festivals
Ungarn    EGY17-05    BEDEPUSZTA: BUILDING AN EVENT VILLAGE    25.09.-01.10.2017    MANU   8vols
AGE: 20-40 years
PROJECT: We are a Dutch-Hungarian organisation internationally active in festivals; the Bedepuszta project is our livework. We want to involve people in this project not only for their working abilities but also for their ideas.
WORK: The team will work on smaller tasks like the repairing of furniture, painting and interior design and outdoor on gardening, building and the construction of walking paths. Additionally also artists (drawing, painting) are welcome. Bedepuszta will start in 2018. The working team is expected to help us a few steps in the last miles towards the opening.
ACCOMODATION: The team stays in a large house with two seperate showers, two toilets, a livingroom with balcony, a diningroom, a kitchen and two dormitories with plenty of beds. Some days food will be cooked, other days we do the shopping on the team's request, so that the tram can cook themselves.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Bedepuszta has a recreational area with a bar, a swimming pool, a pavillion, a game house, a multifunctional room and workshop areas. Also, there's a camping and 14 houses for accommodation. The distance to Budapest is 95 km, buses to Budapest go every hour from the nearby Buddhist temple. The surrounding area consists of woody hills and small villages. The bus from and to Budapest goes every hour from 6am till 8pm from Tar. We will bring you to and pick you up from the bus stop. Bedepuszta will develop a lot the next years. We hope that some of the team will come back in the future and stay involved.
REQUIREMENTS: Motivation letter is required.
NEAREST AIRPORT: Budapest, Ferenc Liszt Airport
FEE: 50€