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Unsere Partnerorganisation für Workcamps in Taiwan heißt Vision Youth Action (VYA), die 2002 von jungen Freiwilligen eines bilateralen Austauschprojektes zwischen Taiwan und den USA  gegründet wurde. Neben regionalen Freiwilligeneinsätzen organisiert VYA seit 2007 (am Anfang in Kooperation mit NICE unserer japanischen Partnerorganisation) internationale Workcamps in Taiwan und baut das Campangebot aufgrund der positiven Erfahrungen der letzten Jahren immer weiter aus. In allen Projekten werden auch lokale Freiwillige teilnehmen.

Die taiwanesischen Campausschreibungen sind oft nicht ganz einfach zu verstehen. Wir senden auf Anfrage gerne die original Ausschreibungen zu, da diese Bilder und Photos enthalten, die es leichter machen, sich ein Bild von den Projekten zu machen.

Workcamp in einer indigenen Gemeinschaft auf Taiwan
Taiwan    VYA-1704-DM    BUILD UP ATAYAL, WALK ON DAAN RIVER    10.07.-11.08.2017    CULT   8vols
PROJECT: Hello We are Taiwan Indigenous Dmavun Development Association. You could also call us "Tayal Kitchen" which means "common kitchen of tribal." Cultural, Social NGO established a workstation to help residents rebuilding their home because the earthquake hit in 1999. The workstation transformed to organization after 7 years, then rooted in the indigenous tribal. The organization have brought up the youth stay and work in the tribal, support women work in the tribal and forming the own care mode for the tribal along the Daan river. Tmabun means "deep ploughing" in Atayal. We deep plough in the tribal and practice the Gag spirit through living together, working together. However, our lease is going to be expired in a year but we still find the new place in order to keep care work on. Therefore, we have to construct a new building to keep supplying services and inheriting cultural to our tribes. This summer, we will invite volunteers to cooperate with us to construct the Atayal building and living together. This building will be the public space for cultural care. Beside of above, we will cooperate with P'uma Elementary School, the first experimental Atayal elementary school in Taiwan, and the health station with Atayal cultural like M'ihu, Suru, Maytayax, to hold activities for kids and elderly.
Objective: 1. We are going to build an Atayal house.
2. We are going to live in tribal a month and experience Atayal lifestyle.
3. We have to hold a cultural exchanging activity with elderly and children in community.
4. We would like to make our tribal have chance to exchange and share the food cultural with people from different country.
WORK: International cultural exchanging with Atayal in the middle of Taiwan
1.Build and design the Atayal house and new Tayal Kitchen
2.Record the vintage Atayal Kitchen, e.g. construct, decoration, stories of care, tribal map.
3.Atayal weave. (understand the importance of Patas and Atayal weave to Atayal women and family)
Supply care services and assistance:
1. Cross-tribal activity (sharing traditional songs from different country and tribal.)
2. Kids camp for P'uma Elementary School and Da-an Tribe(design activities)
3. Hot Meal Services for elderly (cooking, delivering)
Experience features of tribal
1. Food (making Atayal dish, e.g. rngin(mochi), uwaw tayal (glutinous rice wine), smuyan (dry bacon), sinbwaxan (wet bacon), sumay (bamboo rice), 'mu (banana cake))
2.Farmland (assistance to farm)
3.Baking (baking dessert from local ingredients)
4.Others: shopping company (experience Taiwanese traditional market, buy the food for the dinner)
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: The accommodation will be in the tribal elementary school with fruitful features near around. It is the first Atayal experimental elementary school in Taiwan. But due to the limit of bathing space, we have to walk about 5 minutes to the place to take a shower. We will live in the mountain little bit away from town. Don't worry about that. There is a grocery store and we will down to mountain to buy stuff 2 days a week. There is breakfast available in the tribal you could also get bread form Tayal Kitchen (but you have to pay). Tayal Kitchen will provide lunch without any price. The last, you have to find your way to have dinner. Cooking would be a good idea.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: The place we provide services usually in the L'olu, Heping District, Taichung. If you are lucky, we will expand the area we provide services, maybe expand to 15 tribal along the Da-an river (include Taichung and Miaoli). We have to drive about 20 to 40 minutes to the closet town (Zhuolan, Miaoli or Dongshi, Taichung) or you could take bus to Fengyuan for 40 to 50 minutes. Don't worry about that, we will provide a ride if there will be needed.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: We are looking forward to host friends who have an interest in indigenous cultur. We would like to find partners who like to live and work together.
LANGUAGES: eng,chn

Internationale Energie fuer eine alternde Landgemeinde auf Taiwan
Taiwan    VYA-1702-DA    RHYTHM OF NATURE MAKING MY COMMUNITY BECOME COLORFUL!    19.07.-03.08.2017    ART/ELDE   8vols
PROJECT: Ding An community is located in the northwest of Taichung City, south of Da-An river, face to Taiwan Straits. Ding An is at the countryside. The residents here take agriculture and animal husbandry as dominant living. They plant paddy rice and taro; they raise fowl and duck. Industry and commerce are developed insufficiently so the outward migration of young population is serious. The main population of Ding An is elder and child. It’s lack of vitality or originality. The community is short of power of community development due to the aging. We hope that the involvement of volunteers can encourage residents care about community and look forward to having something new from different culture exchanging.
1. We would like to invite international volunteer to paint the walls of community which already painted last year. You will continue to paint the rest empty part of the wall. There is a lively parade of Matsu in the front wall. Every family celebrate to this parade together.
Here is the video of last year:
2. Cultural exchange: Dajia Matsu Holy Pilgrimage is the most famous Taiwanese religious activity in the world, we will bring international volunteer to experience the pilgrimage.
3. Assist Ding An elder caring strongpoint. International volunteers lead the elder do exercise or activity of elder promotion (once a week). We look forward to seeing the elder have more interest of outdoor.
4. Through the involvement of international volunteers, we hope that the youth of community feel more interested in participating in community activities. Let them share the features of community to international volunteers.
WORK: 1. In order to encourage elder to join community activity, the community conducts elder caring strongpoint and health promotion every Friday. Volunteers lead the elder to experience different cultures and stimulate their sense of curiosity and action.
2. Community development: painting the walls of community. It made our residents attend the activity of community and had a strong feedback last year, so we would like to continue this activity this year. to keep the wall colorful from the 2016.
3. The community is lack of originality because of aging. We hope that volunteers can give some suggestions for entirety community view plan.
ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation will be at 2nd floor of Community Center. It contains about 25 people. Not need to bring your sleeping bag. There is fine sanitary equipment and kitchen in the first floor. Volunteer group need to cook meals by turns every day.
LOCATION: Ding An community, Da An Dist., Taichung City, close to Dajia JennLann Temple (about 15 minute-drive) It’s about one-hour drive from Taichung urban district. Google Map website:439 Ding An community, Da An Dist., Taichung City
LEISURE ACTIVITIES: 1)GaoMei Wetland reserved area
2) DaJia MazuTemple – famous and heritage site of Taiwan
3) Feng-Chia Night Market
TERMINAL: 1) From Taoyuan International Airport (main airport): transfer to take bus or Taiwain Railway train to Taichung City, then take the CityBus to Ding An community around 60 minutes.
2) From Taichung Airport: transfer to take bus head to Taichung Railway station, then take the CityBus to Ding An community around 60 minutes.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 1) For people who are interested or professional in painting or performing
2) Volunteer can bring photos or stories of homeland and paint on the walls in community.
3) Welcome to bring 2-3 traditional toys(typical toys in your country/downtown) for residents to experience
culture from different countries.

Gestaltung traditioneller Loewenmasken und Kulturaustausch
Taiwan    VYA-1703-XS    MAKE FOLK ART TO LIGHT UP XIU-SHAN COMMUNITY (TAICHUNG CITY)    16.08.-31.08.2017    CULT   8vols
PROJECT: Xiu-Shan Community is located in Taichung City, and it's the place which is near Da-Du mountain. Xiu-Shan community is not in the countryside of Taichung City, 60 percent of the residents here are farmers and they are mostly growing wheat, rice, or other kinds of grains. Six years ago, some science industry started to construct factories in our community, so we hope that people who of a younger generation can come back here. Because of aging society, most of the residents here are elders, and they don't devote themselves in the community. With the participation of international volunteers, we hope that we can encourage the residents to be more concerned for this community, and we also hope that we can have different culture exchanges during this workcamp.
Aims: 1.Volunteers can make and print "Lion's Head" by yourself. "Lion Dance" is a traditional culture in the community, we believe that with making and printing traditional "Lion Head", our community will become a "Folk Art Village"
2.Volunteers can do some health promotion activities with the elders in the place that provide for elders in the community, let the elders enjoy their life.
3. We hope that the young generation in the community can introduce our features to international volunteers, and we hope they can be more interested in participating in activities in our community during and after workcamp.
WORK: 1. To encourage elders participating activities in community. Our community holds a health promotion activity per week, we hope that we can let volunteers lead elders to experience different cultures, let the elders are interesting in different things.
2. To making "Lion Head" creativily, so that we can exchange different cultures, and co-work with local people to paint on the "Lion Head"
3. With Martial Arts teacher and process making teacher, international volunteers and local volunteers can make "Lion Head" together, and we will learn how to act with "Lion Dance". Show it up
4. Volunteers will harvest some kinds of vegetables and fruits, and cook for meals and enjoy meal with elders together.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: We will live in community center in local. Volunteers need to bring toiletry and summer sleeping bag by themselves. Rest room and kitchen for open volunteers. If you want to cook, you can buy vegetable or meet in the market near community.
LOCATION: Xiu-Shan village, Daya Dist., Taichung City. Our community is within 30mins away from Taichung International Airport by bus.
LEISURE ACTIVITIES:1.Interestingly, there are Japanese school and aboriginal school in community, volunteers will be arrange to have some exchange events with students.
2.Close to Taichung Metropolitan Park
3.Green tunnel: Bicycle Path from Daya District to Tanzi District
4.Feng-Jia Sightseeing Night Market (Famous)
TERMINAL: 1.From Taoyouan International Airport: You can take bus or train to Taichung City, and then take CityBus to Xiu-Shan Community.
2.From Taichung International Airport: You can take CityBus to Xiu-Shan Community (for about 10-15 minutes).
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: 1.Interested in or good at folk art, music, dancing, painting, etc..
2.Be willing to learn new things.
3.Volunteers need to bring traditional/folk clothes, traditional toys , musical instruments of your countries.
LANGUAGES: eng,chn