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Vermittlungsgebühr 150 EUR

In Südkorea arbeiten wir mit der 1999 gegründeten Organisation IWO zusammen. Die Workcamps in Südkorea sind gut organisiert und ermöglichen das Eintauchen in eine ganz andere Kultur. In den meisten Projekten nehmen auch einheimische Freiwillige teil.

Bitte beachte:
Eine extra Auslandskrankenversicherung ist empfehlenswert!
Unabhängig vom Camport wird die Anreise zum Incheon International Airport empfohlen und von dort stehen zahlreiche öffentliche Transportmöglichkeiten zur Verfügung.

Organisiere ein Freizeitprogramm fuer Kinder fuer drinnen und draussen
Südkorea    IWO-75    Youth Empowering    24.07.-05.08.2017    YOUTH   15vols (no more female)
PROJECT: Wando (http://goo.gl/maps/e9PVP) is an island which is located about 500km to the south of Seoul. There is a bridge to the mainland for the people who want to travel to the mainland conveniently by transportation. In addition Wando is famous for its seafood and beautiful landscape. However, there are youth depopulation issues because many of them move to the bigger city nearby for better education. As a result, international exchange and experience is rare to those who stay on the island. Therefore, this project focuses on providing new experiences to the local youth & children through international volunteers such as diverse cultures and education programs in cooperation with the host organization. The host organization is the local children center which provides social and educational service for children and youth in Wando.
WORK: Participants will organize a Global cultural camp. There will be 20-30 local children in a camp who don’t speak English very well. Participants will have to develop the whole programs both indoor and outdoor such as traditional cultures, sports, choir, drawing, learning workshop and so on. It would be an interesting experience to design youth programs with international participants. It requires creative ideas and a lot of energy to get local young people exposed to new experiences.
ACCOMMODATION: In the local children center / Meals are provided and self-catering.
LEISURE: Visiting a beach for swimming and famous tourist sites around.
MEETING POINT: Wando, Jeollanamdo / Wando bus terminal

Unterstuetze ein Jugend-Sommercamp mit Freizeit- und Bildungsaktivitaeten
Südkorea    IWO-84    Together with Kids    01.08.-12.08.2017    KIDS/EDU   15vols (no more female)
PROJECT:Gongju is about 150km away from Seoul and located in the center of South Chungcheong province. This city is an ancient Baekje Kingdom city where brilliant culture of Baekje flourished. Goingju is also a city of history, culture and tourism.
As Korea’s local society is aging rapidly and the population is decreasing, the host organization called ‘Chungnam education institute’ is focusing on the youths who are isolated from high education opportunities. The host organization believes that local is one of the critical factors supporting Korea’s society. Every year, they open a summer school for a local youth in order to teach them the value of local and nature.
WORK: Participants will join in the summer camp as assistants so that they will create new dynamics in the programs by introducing international cultures. Participants simply organize and join in every activities of the summer school such as sports days, role play, and international food days with about 40 young Korean youth. The programs in the summer school are focusing on local community, culture exchange, eco-friendly activities. Participants should be active and to be mingle with youth as assistants and also need to introduce their own cultures such as foods, dance and songs. You will learn how to run a youth project and how to work in a large team.
ACCOMMODATION: Rooms in the education center / Meals are provided and Self-catering.
LEISURE: Visiting historic place around Gongju
REQUIREMENTS: Very active participation in outdoor activities. Highly interest to be engaged with young people
MEETING POINT: Gongju, Chungcheongnamdo / Gongju bus terminal