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Vermittlungsgebühren 150 EUR (+ Extra Fee)

ALLIANSSI ist ein Dachverband finnischer Jugendorganisationen mit ungefähr 100 Mitgliedsorganisationen, die im Bereich Jugend- und Kulturaustausch zusammenarbeiten.
Neben der Durchführung von Seminaren und Jugendaustauschen hat auch die Organisation von internationalen Workcamps eine lange Tradition bei Allianssi und von Freiwilligen gibt es überwiegend sehr positives Feedback.

ALLIANSSI erhebt seit 2015 Extra Gebühren für seine Workcamps.

Outdoor-Projekt bei frostigen Temperaturen in einem Jugendzentrum in Lappland
Finnland    ALLI01    Lapland Winter Inari    08.01.-19.01.2018    ENVI   10vols
PROJECT: The camp host Vasatokka is one of ten national youth centers providing services for young people with the financial support of the Ministry of Education. The main purpose of these national youth centres is to support the work of teachers and trainers and to be of service to national and international youth activities. The centres offer a safe operational environment to children and young people.
WORK: The volunteers will build skiing and winter land to the yard and decorate it with snow sculptures. There might also be other work depending on weather conditions. The host can provide winter overalls and working shoes if needed, but volunteers must be prepared with proper winter clothes (jacket, hat, scarf, woollen socks, gloves etc.), because the work is outdoors even though it can be really cold (average temperature -16 degrees).
ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation will be in dormitory or a cabin with common kitchen, toilets and showers. Volunteers must bring sleeping bags with them. The volunteers will prepare the meals themselves. During free time volunteers can go ice fishing, skiing, snowshoeing, to sauna etc. It is also possible to do some sightseeing around the area e.g. to reindeer farm or Sami museum, but the volunteers have to pay the fees and transport themselves.
LOCATION: Northern Lapland, Inari, see www.vasatokka.fi The environment is characterized by arctic nature and three Lappish cultures: Inari Sami, North Sami and Skolt Sami. Also the nearness of the Arctic Ocean in Norway and Russia are emphasized. Vasatokka is located in amidst incredible lake scenery on the shores of Lake Muddusjärvi, near the wilderness area of Muotkatunturi and of the recreation area of Inari. January is the best time for Aurora hunting in Lapland so be prepared for some magnificent Auroras .
TERMINAL: The nearest bus stop and grocery is in Inari village (10km from the venue). The nearest airport is in Ivalo (60 km), nearest railway station in Rovaniemi (340km), from there you can continue by bus to Inari. You can also take a bus from Helsinki (1200 km). The volunteers have to arrange their travel all the way to Vasatokka centre themselves.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: The place is far from civilization. Those who like nature will fall in love with this place. Volunteers need to have a travel insurance and bring warm clothes with them, the weather can be really cold.