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Family Camps

...mit Kind ins Camp! Vermittlungsgebühr 150 € pro Erwachsener und 30 € pro Kind


Begegnung und Arbeiten im Wald und rund um eine Farm fuer die ganze Familie
Estland    EST 29    FAMILY CAMP AT KIIDI FARM (ROUGE)    14.08.-23.08.2017    ENVI/FAM   24vols
PROJECT: EstYES promotes camps where parents and children can participate together. The idea is to create a sort of temporary community where adults and children can share the ideas of voluntary activity for the benefit of rural area. The schedule of the camp allows adults to act as volunteers like in any other voluntary camp working 4-5 hours a day for practical tasks. Meanwhile children work as well, in the sense that they take part in the activities helping parents and sharing easy tasks with them. Local organisers supported by parents care about the children during the working activities, providing snacks, proposing games and activities, etc. In the daily free time and during days off group excursions and other activities will be organised by the local hosts. Parents can join the camp in pair or alone with their children. Some English is necessary for parents in order to communicate among them and with the campleader. The camp follows very positive 9 years experience.VenueIt is a very long tradition for EstYES to organize international workcamps in co-operation with Kiidi Farm located in the Voru County in the South of Estonia. With the support of the state and local authorities the eco- and farm sustainable tourism has been developed in this area. Besides promoting the environmental tourism, this initiative supports rural development, which is an important issue for Estonia. Estonian Association of Farm Tourism has launched several projects, and Kiidi Farm, where the camp takes place, is one of them. It is run by the large Piho family with 8 kids of different age. More information on Kiidi Farm is on site www.kiidi.ee
WORK: Various works in the forest: cutting unwanted trees and bushes, burning old tree brunches and brushwood, preparing firewood for heating the farm; also some odd jobs in the farm buildings as well as general household work. Most of the work will be outdoors. There can be also some light maintaining works indoors if weather is too rainy. The work will be usually 4-5 hours a day, the rest of the time will be spend to get acquainted with the area, its natural and historical sites as well as with local people. Local people will join the camp for work and leisure.
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: In the farmhouse in 2-4-bedded rooms depending on the size of family. WC, shower, hot water, sauna are available. Hosts will prepare meals themselves, however, participants will be asked to help out in the kitchen.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: The charm of Haanja Uplands in South Estonia lies in its lovely hilly landscape, winding roads and numerous lakes. Most of its ancient villages, special dialect, handicraft, and customs have been preserved until today. The whole area, called Vorumaa, is an area of outstanding beauty. It is famous for its diverse and very well preserved nature. Untouched forests with wildlife, deep valleys, hills, 170 small lakes with extremely clean water, numerous rivers with caves in the steep banks - you can find everything there. Kiidi Farm is situated 15 km south of Voru, capital of the County, which has a population of 15 000 people and lies about 250 km south-east of Tallinn, very close to the Latvian and Russian borders. The closest village to Kiidi Farm is Rouge (3km) with a population of less than 1000 people. LEISURE TIME: There are many possibilities for leisure time, especially for those who love nature: acquaintance with nature of the area, hiking, swimming, etc. Excursions to the numerous places of interest of the County of Voru are planned as well. Volunteers will have a very good chance to get in close contact with the local people, experience local traditions and learn some customs i for instance like hot Estonian sauna
REQUIREMENTS: The camp is open for families with their children generally aged 3 to 13, however the kids age is flexible. Parents can come in pairs or alone. English is the camp language.
PARTICIPATION FEE: As EstYES does not receive funds to support your participation in this camp neither from the state nor from private sponsors, you are asked to contribute towards cost of board and lodging, local transport, leisure time program, etc. The fee has to be paid by volunteers upon arrival to the camp, and it is 150 Euro per every adult and 80 Euro for every child over 3 years old. This fee has to be paid by bank transfer before the beginning of the camp. If you cannot make bank transfer please contact your sending organization for solution.
LANGUAGES: eng,eng

Familiencamp: Unterstuetze Renovierungsarbeiten an einer Schule
Finnland    ALLI17    FAMILY     10.07.-20.07.2017    FAM/EDU/CULT   10vols (no more female)
PROJECT: The host organization Ikko is a modern, non-political and non-religious folk high school offering both general and vocational education for Finnish and international students and groups throughout the year. They also host special target groups such as students with special needs as well as young asylum seekers.
WORK: The school surroundings need maintaining so the volunteers will work with seasonal tasks indoors and outdoors. The volunteers can join various summer activities. Please note that this is not a traditional work camp and the tasks vary by the season.
ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation will be in rooms, buffet style meals provided. There are possibilities for various creative and other activities. Sauna and swimming facilities are also available. The place is very suitable for a family camp and we welcome parents, single parents or grandparents to join the camp together with a child/children aged 3-13 yrs. Either parent or child needs to be able to communicate in English.
LOCATION: Punkaharju is located in eastern Finland near Savonlinna and it takes about four hours by train from Helsinki. The school is situated in a location of superb natural beauty, right on the magnificent Punkaharju ridge. It is surrounded on both sides by lakes and magnificent scenery. The area offers excellent opportunities for nature and outdoor activities. The volunteers can also attend some lessons as well as join excursions to local sights.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: The volunteers need travel insurance for the duration of their stay.
EXTRA FEE: 150 euros per adult and 75 euros per child (3 yrs+)

Mit der Familie ins Workcamp nach Katsuyama
Japan    NICE-17-072    Katsuyama 1    24.07.-30.07.2017    AGRI/ARCH/FAM   16vols
PROJECT: This workcamp has been organized together with Ohara Eco Project (OEP) and Katsuyama city government since 2009. Before, there were 600 inhabitants in Ohara village with 90 houses, but now only 1 elder! OEP was founded by the foresters’ cooperative and local people in 2006 and they have rehabilitated 7 houses of cultural heritage since. Depopulation is a serious problem in most of the mountain parts in Japan. Many fields and forests are abandoned, so we will try to improve the situation by voluntary power!
WORK: Volunteers will help to renovate an old house by carrying stuff, changing the floor, etc. They will also do other work for the community (e.g. reviving abandoned fields, chopping fire wood, maintaining forest paths). You will not need to work very hard, don’t worry, but we still need you to have high motivation to work! Some of adult volunteers may also help the children enjoy the nature of mountains, rivers, etc. There will be intercultural exchange parties, visit to the Dinosaurs Museum, etc.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be staying in a renovated house (Japanese traditional house!). Simple shower room, clean toilet. You don't need to bring your sleeping bag. Volunteers prepare the meals by themselves. Attention: Wi-fi probably not available!
STUDY THEME: “Family life in each country”
LOCATION: About 200 km north east of Osaka. Katsuyama is an agricultural city and famous for dinosaurs discovery. Ohara village is located at 500m above sea level and surrounded by mountains – a very isolated, but beautiful place.
NEAREST AIRPORT: The closest International airport is Osaka (Kansai) airport.
MEETING POINT: It takes 3.5 hours from Osaka to the meeting point near the project by express train. From Tokyo, 4.5 hours by express train/ 8 hours by night bus. Volunteers need to arrive at the meeting point by July 24th at noon and can leave there on July 30th at noon.
REQUIREMENTS: Only families (children should be 6-12 years old) can join this program. Respect to the local culture and way of the local organization required! Speaking Japanese is welcome but not necessary!
EXTRA FEE: 500 Japanese yen per 1 child per day for meals. (3,500 yen for all workcamp days)