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Anmeldegebühr 75 EUR

Seit 1965 organisiert IBG internationale Freiwilligendienste in Deutschland. 
Die Gruppen sind international gemischt und in der Regel ist die Campsprache Englisch.
Die Anmeldegebühr beträgt 75,-€ - eine tolle Möglichkeit, Deutschland aus einer anderen Perspektive kennenzulernen und das Flair eines internationalen Workcamps "vor der Haustüre" zu erleben! 



Herzlich willkommen sind auch alle, die ein Workcamp als Campleitung betreuen möchten - mehr Infos dazu gibt es hier!


In welchen Camps aktuell noch Campleitungen gebraucht werden, erfährst du hier!


The international volunteers will improve the infrastructure of a small village and support the village’s festival. You can enjoy the hospitality of the local villagers, the countryside and the nature of the region Saarland.
Deutschland    IBG 12    Schwarzerden    05.07.-19.07.2017    RENO   12vols (no more female)
PROJECT: Schwarzerden is a small village with 430 inhabitants and already experienced in welcoming international volunteers. After four successful international IBG workcamps they again invite a group of volunteers to support them to improve the local infrastructure and to enrich the village festival on July 8th to 10th.
WORK: There will be two different tasks for the volunteers: 1. To install a wooden canopy to the local community centre, so people will have a shelter against the rain even outside 2. To improve the surrounding of your accommodation. This will include landscape gardening and renovation work. The group of volunteers will be split up in the two different tasks every day. You might be asked to support the local festival team.
ACCOMMODATION: The accommodation provided is the former centre of the sports club of Schwarzerden, one of the smaller villages (500 inhabitants) within the community of Freisen. It is now in public use for bigger events in this village. All necessary facilities are provided but there is no public internet. Attention: This place is quite isolated; the village of Schwarzerden is 1km away. Next to the accommodation you can find the sports ground, you can use it whenever you want. You will have a beautiful view over the valley; you will be surrounded by forests and meadows. Just make a campfire and enjoy nature. After three successful workcamps in this village, the local people are already looking forward to welcoming again young people from all over the world.
LOCATION: The workcamp will take place in Schwarzerden, which belongs to the local community of Freisen, together 7 other villages. Freisen is situated in the north of Saarland in a rural area. You can find many interesting places in Freisen: a historical railway, cultural and natural sights, a small zoo, a spa bath (but only few of them in Schwarzerden). The local villagers are already looking forward to getting to know you and to welcoming you at the local village festival. As the public transport system during the weekend is rather poor, the number of excursions will be very limited. The project is perfect for volunteers who enjoy being outside and in nature.
Please make sure to arrive in St. Wendel before 20.25 p.m. to reach the last bus of the day to Schwarzerden.
NEXT AIRPORTS: Saarbruecken (SCN), Frankfurt (FRA)
NEXT BUS STOP: Schwarzerden Bahnhof

Come to the Black Forest, live in nature and work for nature! You can enjoy three weeks of landscape protection and hiking paths maintenance in an international team.
Deutschland    IBG 18    Lauterbach    16.07.-06.08.2017    ENVI   10vols (no more female)
PROJECT: This is the 9th time that the community of Lauterbach invites a workcamp. Above all, the local host is very happy to be supported by a workcamp at different environmental and construction tasks in a nature protection area!
WORK: A variety of tasks are waiting for your help. One task will be the maintenance of a hiking trail in the forest. So-called “neophytes” (invasive non-native vegetation) need to be removed in the nature protection area. You will cut and clear those plants. Furthermore, cleaning and clearing of vegetation needs to be done in biotopes like ponds and tarns. You will, most likely, also repair fences and maintain grasslands around fruit trees. Be prepared for hard physical work! Due to working in damp and steep areas (ponds), rubber boots and/or sturdy shoes are necessary for working effectively!
ACCOMMODATION: The workcamp team will stay in a nice community house in the middle of the forest, where you can find sanitary facilities, showers and a good equipped kitchen. There are 4-bed-rooms for you. Due to the position of the house in a rural area, it is likely that there will not be access to internet and no coverage for mobile phones. Just be prepared to spend three wonderful, adventurous weeks away from your busy and usual everyday life!
LOCATION: Lauterbach is situated in the heart of the Black Forest nature park, close to Schramberg and the town Rottweil. There are many possibilities to hike and experience nature first hand. Just step out the door and find yourself surrounded by beautiful nature! On weekends, you’ll have the chance to visit Rottweil or the university town of Freiburg.

Neue Impulse fuer ein Leben auf dem Land - gemeinsames Engagement, neue Ideen und viel Spass an der deutsch-luxemburgischen Grenze
Deutschland    IBG-YE    Jugend auf dem Land - Mannebach     23.07.-06.08.2017    ENVI/TEEN/STUDY/SPEC   25vols
AGE: 16-25
PROJECT: Mannebach is a small village with 350 inhabitants not far from Trier. In Mannebach you can find a local brewery, a cheese dairy and a pottery, but the community is without public transport, school or kindergarten and without shopping facilities. That’s why the local mayor and his commune started various projects to improve the life and to ensure the future of the village. A group of 25 volunteers from France, Germany, Greece, Serbia and Poland, all from remote or rural areas, will come to Mannebach to discuss different realities on the countryside throughout Europe. The youth exchange will consist of a study part and a volunteering part, in which you will support Mannebach!
STUDY: Usually, young people from the countryside have fewer opportunities to join activities, travel in Europe or even gain IT and social media skills due to commonly bad internet connections. Therefore, this youth exchange wants to broaden your view, let you get familiar with different cultures and traditions and show you, how easy and cheap it can be to travel in Europe and meet new people! Besides, the internet and social media are great tools to learn, stay in contact and discover the world – if you know how to use it (and what to avoid).
In short, the study part will consist of these two main topics:
1) Intercultural learning and possibilities on how to discover Europe
2) IT and Social Media Competences
WORK: You will create a cottage garden with traditional flowers, herbs, vegetables and fruit. The garden will be used for educational projects with children, but also as a community garden where everybody is welcome to do some gardening. The work will be supervised by a local volunteer and you will use old materials and plants to create the garden.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in tipis and tents on the leisure facility of the village which is 1km outside of Mannebach. What used to be a sportsground is now a comping area for youth groups and is equipped with toilets, showers, a kitchen, a barbecue hut and a wooden hut that can be used as living room. The living standard is basic but you can enjoy the evenings in the nature with campfires, different outdoor playing tools and there is a soccer pitch with floodlight. Also you can use the community hall in the village centre for group activities.
LOCATION: Mannebach is a small village 7 km from Saarburg, where you have all the shopping facilities you need, a train station, a public swimming pool and several touristic sights. On your days off you can go and visit Trier, the oldest city in Germany, which is 30 km away from Mannebach or explore the landscape which is dominated by hills, fruit orchards and forests. The area is famous for hiking and other outdoor activities.
NEXT AIRPORT: Frankfurt Hahn, Luxemburg
REMARKS: IBG will host a special preparatory session that includes an intercultural and task-related preparation workshop.

Das richtige Projekt für alle, die naturverbunden sind, gut anpacken können und Lust haben, Jugendliche vor Ort kennenzulernen!
Deutschland    IBG35    Annaberg-Buchholz    23.07.-05.08.2017    ENVI/MANU   10vols
PROJECT: After the success of last years’ workcamps, the inhabitants of Annaberg-Buchholz are looking forward to interact with international volunteers again! This year you will do environmental work on a hill in the beautiful region of the nature park “Erzgebirge”. This project is for everybody who likes nature and is curious to meet German youngsters! From your working place you can enjoy beautiful views.
WORK: The “Poehlberg”, a hill in Annaberg-Buchholz, is shaped by lynchets. Through regular mowing the structure of the grassland and bushes is obtained. Because of its protection status, the topography and also its access, this can only be done by hand and therefore your help is needed. Please note that the work might be pretty hard, as in July it’s likely to be hot and you are going to work outside in the sun!
ACCOMMODATION: You will stay at the cultural centre „Altes Brauhaus“ (www.altebrauerei-annaberg.de) where you have access to a kitchen, beds and sanitary facilities. The centre will be open to the public as usual; therefore, you will have plenty of occasions to meet young people from Annaberg-Buchholz! The cultural centre is not far from the city centre.
LOCATION: Annaberg-Buchholz is a city of 21,000 inhabitants in the region of “Erzgebirge” (Ore Mountains), in the federal state of Saxony, and quite close to the Czech border. The region was important in the early stages of industrialization, as it was the centre of metallurgy and mining. Within the city and the surrounding region, you will find many traces of these former times. There are many things to do in your free time: You can go hiking in the Ore Mountains, visit a mine or take a day-trip to Chemnitz, Dresden or even to Czech Republic!
NEXT AIRPORT: Leipzig, Dresden, Nuremberg, Frankfurt
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Annaberg-Buchholz

Come the „Kaiserstuhl“, and work in and for the nature of the Black Forrest. You can help with the river protection work and other tasks to ensure the species richness in the region.
Deutschland    IBG 22    Bahlingen    30.07.-12.08.2017    ENVI   20vols (no more female)
PROJECT: For the fourth time Bahlingen is looking forward to welcoming an international workcamp. Various interesting tasks in water and nature conservation await you this year. While working and also in your free time you can enjoy the beautiful nature in the region, but you will also have the possibility to visit nearby towns in Germany, France and Switzerland.
WORK: Volunteers will support the local workers in the renaturation and maintenance of local rivers as well as in the removal of invasive plants (which is necessary to protect the local nature). Besides, you will help to take care of the so called “Loesshohlwege“ (loess hollow ways), which are very typical in this region and important habitats for plants and animals. All tasks in this project will have professional instruction.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in the local gym: There is lots of space, a huge kitchen and showers are available.
LOCATION: Bahlingen is a small town in the south-west of Germany. It is located next to the Black Forest, at the foot of “Kaiserstuhl”, a well-known German mountain range. Bahlingen itself and the surrounding area are famous for its vineyards. Very close-by, the university town Freiburg is worth seeing. Besides, you could visit Strasbourg, the Alsatian capital in France (70km), and Basel, the 3rd biggest city in Switzerland (80km).

Work with a Park Ranger in the marshes of the National Nature Park Hunsrueck-Hochwald.
Deutschland    IBG 23    Nationalpark Hunsrück II    30.07.-12.08.2017    ENVI   15vols
PROJECT: The National Nature Park Hunsrueck-Hochwald is the newest German National Park to protect the nature. The park was just founded in 2015. The landscape is dominated by huge forests, steep hills, small brooks and ponds, rocks and marshes. Only small hamlets interrupt the nature, a perfect region for plenty of different species but also for hiking. Within this National Park you will work under the supervision of a Park Ranger to care for special marshes situated on the slopes of the hill. These marshes were drained with ditches in the last century to use it as forests. With different measures to bring back the special character of this place and keep the water in the marshes. Many different species (especially amphibians and special plants) already returned. This workcamp will continue this mission and will take place in cooperation with the National Nature Park Hunsrueck-Hochwald and the Foundation for Nature and Environment Rhineland-Palatinate. For more information about the National Park please visit: http://www.nationalpark-hunsrueck-hochwald.de/en.html
WORK: The main task will be in the marshes: Under the supervision of a Park Ranger you will realise different measures to keep the water in the marshes and to undo the drainage of the area by blocking or filling ditches or by building small wooden barriers. Some other tasks within the National Nature Reserve will be added to make your tasks more diverse. You will be hiking along the Hunsruecksteig trail, check the marking of the trail, and clean it from trash and broken markings. Attention: The work might be physically hard, you will be hiking on some days and you will get wet and muddy for sure Please bring hiking boots, rubber boots and working clothes.
ACCOMODATION: You will stay in the village community centre of Deuselbach, a small village with 260 inhabitants in the centre of the Nature Park. The centre offers one huge room for sleeping, a living room with bar and a professional kitchen. Camp beds will be provided. There are several showers and space outside to have a rest, make a barbecue or do some sports. The village is quite isolated without any further infrastructure and surrounded by forest and meadows: The next bigger village called Thalfang is about 6 km far.
LOCATION: The workcamp will take places in the western part of Rhineland-Palatinate. You will stay close to Thalfang, a village with 1.700 inhabitants offering everything you need (shops, pubs, swimming pool-). There are also many tourists in the area as it is well known for hiking all over the year and for skiing in winter. The next bigger city it Trier (50 km), the oldest Germany city with many Roman sights, a huge cathedral and plenty of this to do (vineyard, shopping, clubs-). But due to the poor public transport the number of excursions will be very limited.
NEAREST AIRPORTS: Frankfurt-Hahn (Ryan Air, Wizz-Air) or Frankfurt
NEAREST TRAIN STATION: Trier or Tuerkismuehle, then bus to Hermeskeil.
REMARKS: This is a special project for nature lovers and people interested in nature protection work. You will get wet and dirty.

You love animals? Come to an educational farm for children, teenagers and families and support the kids at their daily activities like pony riding.
Deutschland    IBG 24    Schwarzach    30.07.-13.08.2017    KIDS/TEEN/MANU/SPEC   10vols
AGE: 16-26 years
PROJECT: The local host Jugendfarm Schwarzach is an educational farm offering free space and experiences for children, teenagers and families. The farm is located 100km north of Stuttgart and 50km east of Heidelberg. They have plenty of animals (pigs, ponies, donkeys, goats, rabbits...), and a real village of self-made huts. Children are free to come out of charge. Usually, there is no fixed program, so the kids have the possibility to take care of the animals, help in the stables or build their own wooden hut, just as they wish.There is also a school for children with disabilities or learning problems in the village, which is run by the same organization (Johannes-Diakonie), so you can also find children with disabilities visiting the farm. Get a first impression here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89F24z8KUjk (in German)
WORK: Volunteers will help with plenty of small tasks: They will maintain the area of the project (e.g.by renovating the goat stable) and they will support the daily work of the educational farm. During the holidays there will be approx. 30-40 children every day, aged 6 - 14 years. Volunteers will support them in their activities (e.g. help children to build their own wooden hut or go for a pony ride with them). Help will also be needed in the outdoor-kitchen to prepare lunch for everybody. All volunteers will be welcome to bring their own ideas which they can offer to the children.
ACCOMODATION: You will stay in a local school. Kitchen and all necessary sanitary facilities are provided, and there is enough space to have a bedroom and a separate common room. Either mats or camp beds will be provided.
LOCATION: Schwarzach is a village in Southern Germany approx. 100km north of Stuttgart and 50km east of Heidelberg. The village has 3.200 inhabitants and offers a very good infrastructure (public swimming pool, mini-zoo, supermarket, ice-cream shop). The village is surrounded by pure nature and offers many opportunities for hiking. Excursions to Heidelberg or Heilbronn are possible.
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Aglasterhausen or Mosbach-Neckarelz
REMARK: This workcamp is only open for German and Greek volunteers!

Hilf mit den Buergerbahnhof Plagwitz zu gestalten
Deutschland    IBG 36    Leipzig    14.08.-01.09.2017    ENVI/CONS   12vols
AGE: 18-21
PROJECT: The local partner is an association aiming to revitalize derelict land, wasteland and gaps between existing buildings or to refurbish older properties in Leipzig. All these projects are realised with local volunteers and for the benefit of the citizens of Leipzig and the environment. One huge project is the "Buergerbahnhof Plagwitz". The area of this former train station and the former rail tracks is not in use any more. Nature already started to come back. The idea is to transform this area into a public green area including a huge adventure playground, an urban forest, a café, urban gardening places, an orchard, and huts for kids and youth initiatives. The playground "Bauspielplatz Wilder Westen" is already working.
WORK: You will support the local team by this transformation work. The concrete tasks will depend on the progress of the work during the next months; for sure there will be different kinds of construction and environmental work.
On three days you will run activities together with local pupils aged 14-16. So please be also prepared for this exchange and to present your country.
ACCOMMODATION: Basic accommodation in a youth club (to be confirmed).
LOCATION: Even although the place looks rural, you will be in the city of Leipzig and you have many opportunities. Leipzig has 560.000 inhabitants and was the centre of the peaceful revolution in Eastern Germany in 1989. Today it is called the "boomtown of the East", university and industry are growing, many artists live here and you can find plenty of clubs, social initiatives.... At the same time Leipzig is surrounded by small lakes where you can swim.
NEXT AIRPORT: Leipzig (LEJ), Berlin

Get a taste of theatre and come visit the Open-Air Threatre Heidenheim! Your helping hand is needed offstage!
Deutschland    IBG 30    Heidenheim    19.08.-02.09.2017    MANU   10vols
PROJECT: Your host is the Open-Air Theatre Heidenheim, the 2nd largest one of its kind in Southern Germany. It is situated on the castle hill of the town, surrounded by forests, and can accommodate 1100 spectators. The Open-Air Theatre is run by an association and they are very happy about your helpThe theatre season will last till the end of August. So during your first week there will still be performances and you will be able to get a taste of the theatre
WORK: Last year, one part of the building of the Open-Air Theatre was torn down in order to build a new one. Therefore all the costumes and furniture had to be put in temporary storage. This year, the construction work will be finished in summer, and all the costumes and furniture have to be brought to the new building, in which they need to be assorted. Additionally, there might be further final tasks in the new building (e.g. painting) in case they don t manage to finish that in advance.
ACCOMODATION: You will be accommodated directly on the project side: Next to the stage, there is huge building for administration, a workshop, a cafe - here you will have two rooms for yourselves, showers, a kitchen and a common room. Please don t forget to bring a sleeping bag
LOCATION: Heidenheim an der Brenz is a town with about 46.000 inhabitants. The area is rather rural with a beautiful countryside: since it is at the end of the Swabian Albs, there are many hills and forests. There is a castle and a wildlife park in Heidenheim, very close to your project. If you would like to visit a larger town, you may go to Ulm which is only 30km away. But also Stuttgart and Munich are just about 2 hours by train
NEXT AIRPORTS: Stuttgart, Memmingen, Munich
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Heidenheim a. d. Brenz

The Dirt Bike Contest of Eislingen is waiting for you! The contest is an initiative of local youngsters waiting for your help to prepare the trail, run the contest and to spend time with them.
Deutschland    IBG 31    Eislingen/Fils    19.08.-03.09.2017    RENO/FEST   12vols
PROJECT: Every year, the youth centre in Eislingen organizes a Dirt Bike Contest with participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. For the third time now, they will get the help of an international workcamp in the preparations and also the realization of this event. During the project you will be in close contact with local youngsters. We ask you to come with an open mind and bring some ideas how to spend the time together with them.
WORK: You will help to prepare everything for the Dirt Bike Contest which will take place on 2nd of September. Concrete tasks will be the reconstruction and renovation of the trail as well as the removal of greens. On the day of the event you will set up the stalls, sell drinks etc. During the two weeks you will also help out with the renovation work in the local youth centre. Apart from these main tasks there will be a lot of time which you will spend together with the youth. Please bring some ideas for activities with you Keep in mind that these young people are teens who haven t had many possibilities to travel and meet new people from abroad yet. Communication might be difficult sometimes. However, they are looking forward to meeting you and making new friends around the world
ACCOMODATION: Volunteers will be accommodated in a school, directly in the centre of the town. The building provides a kitchen, a shower and lots of space (in the school itself as well as on the schoolyard).
LOCATION: Eislingen is a town in the German region Baden-Wurttemberg around 50km southeast of Stuttgart. It is located on the river Fils in beautiful nature. The region with its diverse landscape invites for hiking trips or other outdoor activities. There are good train connections to bigger cities nearby, e.g. Stuttgart or Ulm.
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Eislingen (Fils)
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: Volunteers should be able to ride a bike!

This workcamp is all about improving the two towns and their surroundings: You’ll do landscape work, renovate hiking paths and do further restoration work, e.g. at a playground.
Deutschland    IBG 32    Betzenstein & Plech    20.08.-03.09.2017    ENVI/RENO   12vols (no more female)
PROJECT: Betzenstein, a small Franconian town, is inviting an international workcamp for the fourth time this year. The municipality of Plech organize its second workcamp together with its neighbouring town Betzenstein. Various tasks await you in this project, since you will be working one week in Betzenstein and one week in Plech.
WORK: There are lots of different tasks awaiting you For example: The village of Plech created a church of metal tubes on a hill in 2016, which is frequently visited by international travellers due to its location next to the motorway. Therefore, they want to build a stele of metal tubes at the entrance of the church with its blessings in many different languages Additionally, it is necessary to clean the water area of the terrain and their paths around the church. Another task is creating an explorer forest track : The existing path needs to be improved and activity stations for old and young people are supposed to be installed. In the second week you will have similar tasks in Betzenstein, such as improving hiking paths and some restoration work at a playground.
ACCOMODATION: The group will be accommodated in the multi-purpose hall of Plech. Apart from the big hall, there are some smaller rooms which you can use for sleeping or eating, a kitchen, toilets and showers. In the basement there is a party room and you can use the sport facilities like table tennis.
LOCATION: The Bavarian region in which Betzenstein and Plech are located is called Little Switzerland i for one reason: Its beautiful surrounding invites to various adventures and hiking trips in the region. There are all kinds of trails and possibilities to experience the unique nature. On the weekends there are busses to nearby cities like Nuremberg or Pegnitz. Your hosts are happy to show you around and to get to know you throughout the two weeks
NEXT AIRPORT: Nuremberg (30 km), Munich (150km), Stuttgart (200km)

Eine Stadt von Kindern fuer Kinder – in Mini-Wangen gestalten sich Kinder ihre eigene Stadt und du kannst dabei helfen diese Spielstadt zu beaufsichtigen. Eine Woche in Wangen und eine Woche auf einer Burg!
Deutschland    IBG 33    Wangen im Allgäu    26.08.-09.09.2017    KIDS   12vols
SPRACHE: Deutsch
ALTER: 18-30 Jahre
PROJEKT: Nun bereits zum neunten Mal laedt die Stadt Wangen zu einem Workcamp ein, das die Ferienspiele fuer Kinder unterstuetzen wird. Waehrend der ersten Woche findet die Spielstadt „Mini-Wangen“ statt: Hier sind Kinder im Alter von 7 bis 13 Jahren eingeladen, eine Woche lang verschiedene Berufe auszuprobieren: z. B: Buergermeister, Zeitungsreporter, Zirkusmitarbeiter … Sie koennen ihre eigene Stadt aufbauen, gestalten und den Alltag in dieser leben. Neben dem Bauhof, der Schmueckerei, der Kueche und der Stadtverwaltung koennen die Kinder auch neue Bereiche eroeffnen. In der zweiten Woche findet mit dem gleichen Prinzip eine mittelalterliche Spielstadt fuer Kinder der gleichen Altersgruppe auf einer Burgruine in der Naehe statt.
ARBEIT: Die TeilnehmerInnen des Workcamps unterstuetzen die Kinder bei verschiedenen Aktivitaeten in der Spielstadt – in den Bereichen Sport, Spiel und Handwerk. Die Freiwilligen arbeiten gemeinsam mit lokalen Betreuern zusammen, um das Programm innerhalb und im Außenbereich des Jugendhauses und in der Stadt zu beaufsichtigen. Es werden neue Bereiche eroeffnet und begleitet und Auffuehrungen fuer das große Stadtfest am Donnerstag geprobt. Die Ideen kommen von den Kindern, aber auch die Freiwilligen duerfen und sollen ihre eigenen Erfahrungen, Hobbies und Vorschlaege einbringen. Ungefaehr 120 Kinder werden an „Mini-Wangen“ teilnehmen.
Der Tag beginnt fuer die Helfer um 7.30 Uhr. In einer kurzen Morgenrunde werden anstehende Aufgaben besprochen. Um 8.00 Uhr treffen die Kinder ein und der Tag in Mini-Wangen startet. Um 14 Uhr endet fuer die Kinder der Tag in Mini- Wangen. Danach werden noch Aufraeumarbeiten durchgefuehrt. Mit einer kurzen Reflektionsrunde der ehrenamtlichen Mitarbeiter endet auch fuer diese der Tag um ca. 14:30 Uhr. In der zweiten Woche helfen die Freiwilligen bei dem mittelalterlichen Ferienprogramm auf der Burg mit.
UNTERKUNFT: Ihr wohnt in dem gut ausgestatteten Jugendwohnheim (Kueche und Sanitaeranlagen sind vorhanden) auf dem Grundstueck des Deutschen Roten Kreuzes nahe dem Stadtzentrum. Betten sowie alle saniteren Anlagen gibt es in der Unterkunft. Bitte bring deinen eigenen Schlafsack mit.
UMGEBUNG: Wangen ist eine sehr schoene alte Stadt in der Region „Allgaeu“. Sie liegt in der Naehe der Alpen und der Laender Schweiz und Oesterreich. Die Umgebung ist vielseitig und laedt dazu ein, den Bodensee und die Alpen zu entdecken. Doch auch die Stadt Wangen selbst hat mit seinen Fachwerkhaeusern und der langen Geschichte, die bis ins Jahr 815 zurueckreicht, viel an Kultur und Sehenswuerdigkeiten zu bieten.
NAECHSTER FLUGHAFEN: Stuttgart, Memmingen, Muenchen
ANMERKUNGEN: Bitte bewirb dich mit einem Motivationsschreiben!

The perfect project for nature lovers: Help redoing the grounds in front of a guest house and get the chance to explore the nature close to Koenigsdorf.
Deutschland    IBG 34    Jugendsiedlung Hochland II    30.09.-13.10.2017    RENO/CONS   14vols
PROJECT: The Youth Educational Centre Hochland is an association that is located close to the village of Koenigsdorf. In 2017, it invites two workcamps i one for spring and this one for autumn. The Centre aims to support young people in various ways: They offer trainings and seminars, and their large area includes not only seminar houses, but also a camping site and four log houses. The facility usually hosts school classes, holiday camps or families.
WORK: The ground in front of the guest house needs to be re-done: You will help with creating a paved terrace, setting up a wooden separation (that divides the terrace and a near-by path), and planting the area in the end.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be accommodated in one of the log cabins; it offers rooms for four people each, a well-equipped kitchen, sanitary facilities, and a community room of 36qm. In front of the building, there is a lot of space to do sports or have a camp fire.
LOCATION: The Centre is located amidst nature; it belongs to the village Koenigsdorf, which is, however, about 4-5 km away. Although the area is rural, you will probably be able to do a trip to Munich (50km) and to the famous lake Starnberger See (30km distance). The place itself is great for hiking - it's the perfect project for nature lovers!
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Wolfratshausen