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Vermittlungsgebühr 150 EUR

 MS ActionAid Denmark  wurde 1944 gegründet und organisiert seit über 30 Jahren Workcamps. Damit setzt MS das Hauptziel, die Förderung von internationalem Verständnis und Solidarität über nationale und kulturelle Grenzen hinweg, erfolgreich um.

Mindestalter ist 18, kein Höchstalter. Freiwillige mit Kindern sind willkommen. Wir haben in den vergangenen Jahren hervorragendes Feedback zu den dänischen Projekten bekommen.

Ermoegliche ein Sommercamp fuer Jugendliche der freiwiligen Feuerwehr – mit rund 200 Teilnehmenden!
Dänemark    MS03    Summer Camp for young Fire Cadets (Femø)    27.06.-06.07.2017    KIDS/SOCI   20vols
PROJECT: Brandkadetter i Danmark (Youth firefighters in Denmark) is a non-profit organization that advises and supervises fire departments.
With the help of Brandkadetter i Danmark the fire departments provide a 6 months’ firefighting education program for young people in the age of 10-18. The young fire cadets are typically 13-14, when they begin. The firefighting program focuses on fire related assignments, non-operational tasks and training, discipline, and community. After passing the program the fire cadets continue in the local youth firefighting department. When they reach the age of 16 or 18 they can continue as volunteer firefighters.
Brandkadetter i Danmark focuses on the inclusion of young people with different challenges in their lives. At least 50% of all educated youth fire cadets belong to this target group. Their difficulties in life could be social, personal or academic.
This summer Brandkadetter i Danmark is arranging a summer camp for all youth fire cadets in Denmark. We expect about 200 participants - youth fire cadets, firefighting instructors, and volunteers. We expect around 50 participants from Germany, that has a long tradition in educating youth fire cadets.
The summer camp will take place on a little island in Denmark called Femø. The focus of the summer camp will be firefighting assignments and tasks, socializing, and fellowship.
Two years ago, a similar summer camp took place with great success. This year we expect twice as many participants, and therefore we need twice as many volunteers who want to give young people an unforgettable experience.
WORK: As a volunteer on our summer camp you will have the following task:
- Setting up the summer camp
- Help with accommodation of the participants
- Catering and kitchen tasks
- Guarding the camp area during day and night
- Helping firefighting instructors during assignments and exercises for the young fire cadets
- Cleaning common areas
- Cleaning the area after the summer camp
- Helping with different tasks at a fire station in Copenhagen
The working hours will vary from day to day.
The primary aim of the volunteer work is to give the young people, especially the ones that do not have other summer activities because of poverty, an unforgettable experience on Femø.
ACCOMMODATION: Everybody on the summer camp will be sleeping in tents. Therefore, it is important to bring a sleeping bag and a sleeping bag underlay. Brandkadetter i Danmark will provide tents. In Copenhagen, you will sleep at a local fire station in a large classroom or gym hall.
Bring practical clothes and footwear. You will use a lot of your time on your feet, walking around on the island. All activities are outside, so bring clothes for all kind of weather.
During the summer camp, there will be a volunteering unit, that will be in charge of grocery shopping and catering for the 200 participants. As a volunteer, you will have tasks in the kitchen, and you will eat together with the rest of the participants. There will be festival toilets and shower facilities. In Copenhagen you will have regular toilet and shower facilities. Brandkadetter i Danmark will provide groceries and you will have access to a kitchen
LOCATION: The primary work location will be at a small Danish island called Femø. The volunteers will spend 5 work days on Femø. After the summer camp the volunteers will stay on a local firestation in Copenhagen where they will work some of the days. The staff from ‘Brandkadetter i Danmark’ will take care of the transportation to and from Femø. Therefore, the volunteers must arrive and depart from Copenhagen.
Copenhagen is the capital of Denmark. The city has lots to offer; the great amusement park Tivoli, The Little Mermaid, the harbour area Nyhavn, where you can take a boat tour on the charming canals in Copenhagen and a lot of great places to eat and drink. Copenhagen also has a lot of green parks and beaches.
REMARKS: You will spend your time on Femø from Wednesday the 28th of June until Sunday the 2nd of July. Since we will be working with the youth, alcohol, drugs and/or narcotics of any kind are strictly forbidden at all times also on the local fire station. Should this not be met, you will be expelled from the summer camp/programme at your own cost.
In between the volunteering tasks on Femø there will be some spare time, so you will get the chance to experience the beautiful island. You are allowed to move freely on the island, which holds hills, a cosy yacht harbour, and beautiful beaches where you can swim. It is possible to rent bicycles (own cost). All meals will be consumed at the summer camp.
NEXT AIRPORT: The Volunteers must fly to Copenhagen Airport and take the train to Copenhagen Central Station.
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Copenhagen Central Station. It is also possibly to take a train from Hamburg, Germany, to Copenhagen Central Station
MEETING POINT: H. C. Andersens Boulevard 23, 3, DK-1553 København V at 4p.m.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: As a volunteer, you must show a clean criminal record concerning child sex abuse. A motivational letter is also required.

Als Teil des Sommerprogramms kannst du hier deiner Kreativitaet freien Lauf lassen: Gestalte Workshops fuer Kinder und Jugendliche, in denen sie sich kuenstlerisch austoben koennen!
Dänemark    MS04    Urban Art Camp    01.07.-09.07.2017    KIDS/ART/CULT   10vols (no more female)
AGE: 18-25
PROJECT: The municipality of Tårnby has in cooperation with the Youth-club” (ungdomsklubben), “Youth-school” (Ungdomsskolen) and “Nature-school” (Naturskolen) created a summer program full of different activities. Examples of activities are: Beach sculpture workshop, Baking classes, Horror sleep-over, Football and Futsal Camp, Zoo-trip, etc. The activities are for 6-18 year old children and adolescents.
Your job is to be a part of the activities: “Urban Arts“ during the day (for 9-13 year old children) and during the late afternoon and night, the activity “Youth club at the beach” (13-18 year old adolescents).
You should participate in the youth club with your own creative ideas on the theme “art”. Bring inspiration from your own country and culture to share with the others. Examples could be music, artwork, painting, sculpturing etc. We would like you to make an activity for the other participants based on your idea.
WORK: The camp is for 9-13 year olds, looking for interesting and social activities during the summer. Objectives for the ”Urban art” camp are to inspire the pupils to create art and other projects that are suitable to display in public places. You will work with creative methods as painting, graffiti, sculpturing, lyrics and also bring your own ideas into play. As the ”Nature School” is a partner in the work camp, you might be inspired to use the nature in the artwork during the week. Materials and support from the “nature school” will be available. We are close to the beach, so water may also be part of the creations.
You will guide and help young participants with designing and completing projects that, in the end of the camp, will be exhibited in public places such as schools, on the beach, bus stops etc.
The purpose is to develop the participants´ creative thinking, create visual experiences for the public and to start and complete projects, all in a social environment.
Work will mainly be outside so bring warm clothes as you never know how the weather will be in Denmark. Also bring clothes for rainy weather and consider that you might get dirty from paint or dirt :)
ACCOMMODATION: Lodging will be in one of our Youth clubs that are closed for summer, so that your group has it to yourselves. That includes access to PC’s, internet and all other facilities. Bring with you a sleeping bag and sleeping pad or something similar. There is also a kitchen. Shopping for all food and preparing all meals will be done and coordinated by the group and group leaders. Washing machine and dryer available.
LOCATION: The work camp is at the beach in Tårnby, very close to the capital Copenhagen. You are free to go to the beach, to the city center and visit museums and cultural sites, go to Tivoli (very old amusement park), take a canal tour, see the royal castle, take a train to the forest and rent a mountain bike etc. Please contact us if you have any suggestions about things you want to do or go see – then we’ll see if we can work something out.
REMARK: You are each expected to give us and the other volunteers a little lecture about your country – may it be a presentation, a language course or anything that provides us with some basic knowledge
about you and your culture. You decide how you want to structure it; It should last for about 30 minutes - just be free and creative. Maybe bring some pictures of your country, perform a play, or perhaps you have some sweets to share, recipes or something else?
NEAREST AIRPORT: Copenhagen Airport
NEAREST TRAIN STATION: Kastrup Station (Metro), Tårnby station (train)
MEETING POINT: Ungecenter Lundø, Tårnbyvej 20, 2770 Kastrup. Between 12.00 and 15.00

Stevns Klint ist eine Steilkueste auf der Insel Seeland - 41 Meter ueber dem Meeresspiegel. Hilf mit, das Weltkulturerbe zu pflegen!
Dänemark    MS05    Stevns Klint World Heritage    02.07.-12.07.2017    ENVI/RENO/MANU   12vols (no more female)
AGE: 18-30
PROJECT: The spectacular Stevns Klint was admitted to the UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014 due to the sites geological characteristics. Stevns Klint is the best place in the world to see tracks from when the Earth was hit by a meteor, and over half of all species became extinct - including the dinosaurs. Thus Stevns Klint is not only a special place for research, but also an important place for the dissemination of Earth and life history. Stevns Klint was last year visited by more than 115.000 visitors.
Stevns is a peninsula bounded by the Baltic Sea. The steep cliffs of chalk and limestone rises up to 40 meters above sea level on a stretch of over 16 kilometers. During the Cold War Stevns played an important role as NATOs strategic outpost to the east. Several military facilities are now available to the public - including the significant Stevns Fortress with underground listenings installations.
And then Stevns is a mecca for birdwatchers, who come to Stevns to see the millions of migratory birds who each year passes over the area.
WORK: An important task is to protect and safeguard The World Heritage against overgrowing, and make sure the public will have access along the cliff and to the spectacular view.
The work consists of cutting the shrubs and keeping the tree growth down, collect garbage and clean up the coastline on a selected stretch - all work in the fresh air and with a stunning view. Remember practical clothing and footwear, sunscreen and sunglasses (and possibly hat) since we work outdoors all the time. Please bring clothes and shoes that are proper for working outdoor ALSO IN RAIN!!!
ACCOMMODATION: Bunker beds in dormentories. Volunteers needs to bring their on sleeping bags. There is both an indoor kitchen and an outdoor fireplace. Food will be provided for all meals.
LOCATION: ’Stevns Klint’ is a Natural Reserve in Denmark. The Nature is very unique and beautiful. It is possible to walk along the path to explore Holtug Kridtbrud, do bird watching and see rare plants. In the weekend there will be organized various activities.
Different activities will be arranged during the weekends. You will among other get a free tour in the area and visit the `Stevns Fortress from the Cold War. The Work Camp will give you a unique insight to one of the World Heritages and a fantastic experience together with other young people from around the world.
NEXT AIRPORT: Copenhagen Airport (Kastrup)
NEXT TRAIN STATION: St. Heddinge Train Station
MEETING POINT: St. Heddinge Train Station at 14.00
SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS: A motivational letter is required.

Unterstütze das Sommerferiencamp eines Tischtennisclubs!
Dänemark    MS08    International Table Tennis Camp    12.07.-02.08.2017    KIDS/SPORT   12vols
PROJECT: B75 is a value based table tennis club with professional trainers and players. Our trainers work as volunteers. The Work Camp will take place at our annual International Summer Camp. 150 trainers and young players from all over the world will gather for three weeks of learning, fun new friendships and much more.
The International Summer Camp has existed for 10 years but this is the first year for us to host a Work Camp. We are very excited to welcome even more international people and hope you will take park in making this camp an amazing event for everyone.
WORK: Working tasks and hours will vary but there should be something for every taste:
- Socialize and make activities with the children in there “free time”
- Make TV-reportages for international livestreaming
- Cleaning
- Assist in the kitchen
- Help in administration
- Be a driver
It is good if you like to be in an international environment, can adapt to changes and like to be around kids.
ACCOMMODATION: You will be sleeping in classrooms. There will be matrasses pillows and sleeping bags (but you can also bring your own). Everyone will eat together in the school’s restaurant.
LOCATION: During your three weeks stay in the Northern Jutland you will have time to explore some very unique nature and attractions in Denmark. You can arrange a day-trip to Skagen, the most Northern tip of Denmark where two oceans meet. It is famous for the special light which has attracted many painters, cozy yellow and red houses and much more.
Hjørring is a city with 30.000 citizens. It is less than 15km to the Sea and beautiful sandy beaches. The biggest sport event in Denmark takes place in Hjørring during the Work Camp. It is called Danacup and is the 24th to 29th of July.
In the neighboring town Hirtshals is the biggest Aquarium in the entire Northern Europe. And in another neighboring town is the biggest summer amusement park in Denmark called “Fårup Sommerland”.
NEXT AIRPORT: We have schuttle from Aalborg Airport, and from trainstation and ferry in Hirtshals and Frederikshavn
NEXT TRAIN STATION: Hjørring Station
MEETING POINT: Halvorsminde Efterskole, Halvorsmindevej 107-109, 9800 Hjørring
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: A motivational letter is required.