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Costa Rica

Vermittlungsgebühr 150 EUR (+ Extra Fee)

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Seit 2014 bietet die Organisation Asociación Cultural de Intercambio de Costa Rica (ACI Costa Rica)  internationale Workcamps an. Als Teil des internationalen Netzwerks ICYE hat ACI Costa Rica jahrzehntelange Erfahrung im Austausch von Freiwilligen im Bereich von Langzeitfreiwilligendiensten.

Die Workcamps von ACI Costa Rica beginnen am ersten Camptag mit einem "Orientation Process" in San José. Treffpunkt dafür ist um 8 Uhr morgens vor dem National Theatre, deswegen unbedingt rechtzeitig anreisen.

Wir empfehlen dringend Spanischkenntnisse! Für alle Projekte wird ein "Motivation Letter" zusätzlich zum Anmeldeformular verlangt!

Unterstuetze Kaffeebauern und Familien in Santa Maria de Dota
Costa Rica    ACIWC03-17    Community of Santa Maria de Dota. Coffee – Rural Experience     08.12.-23.12.2017    ENVI/AGRI/CONS   15vols
PROJECT: Sitting along the flank of the thundering Talamanca Mountain Range, Santa Maria de Dota is positioned in a gorgeous valley where birding, hiking, fishing and photography provide endless opportunities to explore this tranquil region. Its geography is suited to growing coffee, mostly because the slopes of the mountains face the morning light and the cloud cover protects the coffee trees in the afternoon. The red soil found in the valley is of volcanic origin. All this plus the altitude make ideal conditions to grow the coffees harvested by locals.
WORK: 1-Infrastructure project (to be confirmed a month before the starting date for the workcamp). It can be painting or building a facility for the local community.
2-Maintenance of green areas and different facilities when it is needed.
3-English Classes as Workshops for the workers of the Coop.
4-Support in the Coffee Process (Picking Coffee Beans) in local Families Farms – This part will be more as an experience for the international volunteers.
ACCOMMODATION: During Orientation Process (first night in San José): ACI Costa Rica will place the group of international volunteers in a Hostel located in San José, very close from ACI Office. Lodging and food will be covered by ACI Costa Rica.
During the time in Santa Maria: Local Families will be more than happy to receive 15 international volunteers plus our ACI supervisor and leader of the group. Families will supply three meals a day, a private room and all their care to the volunteers. Families may be included in some of the activities as well.
LOCATION: Santa Maria de Dota is positioned in a gorgeous valley where birding, hiking, fishing and photography provide endless opportunities to explore this tranquil region. Some 200 species of birds can be found in the area, including quetzals, tanagers, hummingbirds and wood peckers. Birders and hikers will also be glad to know that the Los Quetzales National Park is close by and provides an outstanding opportunity to witness resplendent quetzals as well as some small mammals. Also within a short driving distance are the eye-catching Naranjo Waterfalls. Santa Maria can be considered as a middle size town or a small city with all the facilities as: banks, supermarkets, hospital and many clinics, stores, cafeterias, etc.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: A lot of maturity, willing to follow instructions and to work as a team, willing to do physical work, good social skills and willing to teach English if this is requested. Good level of English. No needed but better with: Spanish skills, experience in projects of construction of infrastructure. A motivation letter is required!
EXTRA FEE: €180 required for administration costs of ACI Costa Rica and the workcamp.