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Vermittlungsgebühr 150 EUR

Flagge Aserbaidschan
In Aserbaidschan arbeiten wir 2014 zum ersten Mal mit der Organisation "Bridge to the Future Youth Union" zusammen.  Diese hat ihren Sitz in Ganja, der zweitgrößten Stadt des Landes.


Für die Einreise nach Aserbaidschan wird ein Visum benötigt (türkische Staatsbürger benötigen kein Visum). Wir empfehlen den Abschluß einer Reisekrankenversicherung!

Unterstuetze einen englischsprachigen Kindergarten!
Aserbaidschan    BFC01    Lets English lead in childrens world    10.08.-20.08.2017    KIDS   8vols
WORK: During the project volunteers will be working at the kindergarten called Ganja International Kids Club where kids are taught in English mostly. Volunteers with the assistance of teachers will organize outdoor activities such as sport actions: games, energizers, small competitions, teach English to the children and do arts with paintings, music and etc.
ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers will stay at Youth Center of Ganja. It’s not necessary to bring sleeping bags or mats.
LOCATION: Ganja is the second largest city in the country, a monument of the ancient culture, the industrial center of western Azerbaijan. City with a history that goes back to 494 BC (in 2013 Ganja celebrates 2507 anniversary) is of great interest for tourists. This area has a rich natural, cultural and historical heritage.
There are a lot of forests, vineyards, lakes, rivers and mountains. The area is famous for many mineral springs and unique medicinal oil – Naphthalan. More about Ganja: http://www.ganja2016.eu/en/about-ganja