Workcamps ab 30 Jahren

Vermittlungsgebühr 150 EUR (+ teilw. Extra Fee)

Viele Länder haben eine Altersbeschränkung von 30 Jahren, die allerdings nicht sehr strikt gehandhabt wird. Keine Chance auf eine Teilnahme besteht lediglich in Kanada, Polen, Spanien (CAT und SVI) und Portugal.
Grundsätzlich können alle Camps aus dem Programm in  folgenden Ländern gewählt werden:

Armenien, Aserbaidschan, Belgien, Bosnien-Herzegowina, China, Costa Rica, Dänemark, Estland, Finnland, Frankreich, Griechenland, Grönland, Indonesien, Island, Italien, Japan, Kroatien, Lettland, Litauen, Malaysia, Mexiko, Mongolei, Niederlande, Österreich, Peru, Russland, Serbien, Slowakei, Südkorea, Tschechien, Türkei, Ukraine, USA, Vietnam und Weißrussland.

Wir empfehlen hier aber, nicht die klassischen europäischen Reiseziele wie Frankreich oder Italien zu wählen und sich generell für Camps außerhalb der Schulferienzeit zu entscheiden. Der Altersdurchschnitt der Teilnehmer liegt hier nämlich, vor allem in den Sommermonaten, bei ca. 20 Jahren.
In Ländern, die weniger bekannte Reiseziele sind, liegt der Altersdurchschnitt wesentlich höher!

Einige Organisationen bieten sogar Camps an, die in erster Linie für  ältere Teilnehmer angeboten werden:

Unterstuetze Renovierungsarbeiten an einer Schule
Finnland    ALLI20    FINLAND100     23.07.-30.07.2017    EDU/CULT/SENIOR   10vols (no more female)
AGE: 25-99
PROJECT: The host organization Ikko is a modern, non-political and non-religious folk high school offering both general and vocational education for Finnish and international students and groups throughout the year. They also host special target groups such as students with special needs as well as young asylum seekers.
Ikko also cherishes the Carelian culture and during this camp there will be a special concert where the volunteers can join to enjoy cultural performances from Russian and Finnish side of Carelia area.
WORK: The school surroundings need maintaining so the volunteers will work with seasonal tasks indoors and outdoors. The volunteers can enjoy the Finnish summer and nature as well. Please note that this is not a traditional work camp and the tasks vary by the season.
ACCOMMODATION: Accommodation will be in dormitory, meals provided. There are possibilities for various creative and other activities. Sauna and swimming facilities are also available.
LOCATION: Punkaharju is located in eastern Finland near Savonlinna and it takes about four hours by train from Helsinki. The school is situated in a location of superb natural beauty, right on the magnificent Punkaharju ridge. It is surrounded on both sides by lakes and magnificent scenery. The area offers excellent opportunities for nature and outdoor activities. The volunteers can also attend some Finnish language and culture lessons as well as join excursions to local sights and the concert on 29.7.
SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS: The volunteers need travel insurance for the duration of their stay.
EXTRA FEE: 150 euros due to program and facilities of the camp

Workcamp ab 30 im Naturpark Divnogorye
Russland    PZ 08    WONDER MOUNTAINS: HERBAL GARDEN (VORONEZH)    01.08.-13.08.2017    ENVI/SENIOR   10vols
AGE: 30+
PROJECT: If you are looking for a fun filled summer at a picturesque location of natural beauty, this project is for you. The place is Divnogorye, a beautiful rural location in near Voronezh, Russia!
The project started in 2012, and has already hosted several international work camps.
The hosting organization is a voluntary center InterAction Club in cooperation with the natural preserve Divnogorye . “Divnogorye” means “Wonder Mountains”. A lot of artistic events take place in the village, such as modern arts performances, concerts and seminars.
On the spot, you discover a natural preserve, an ancient monastery with the churches built right inside the chalk hills, and a beautiful river. The project is suitable for adventurous and creative volunteers who crave for fun and wish to experience life at a Russian village.
WORK: This project involves maintenance of a residential area for volunteers and territory of the natural preserve Divnogorye.
Obligatory tasks can be combined with optional activities, which are based on volunteers’ talents and skills.
Project tasks: creation of herbal garden, gardening (planting trees and bushes), building a fence around the residence, painting works.
Optional tasks: cleaning tourist path from rubbish, renovation of the terrace of the volunteer’s house,renovation of old-fashioned furniture, and hand made.
Attention! Working tasks are mostly outside, volunteers have to be ready for physically demanding tasks.
In summer it is quite hot (+30 C).
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: iVolunteers will be accommodated in a village house, 3-4 participants per room, male and female in separate rooms. There is no hot water supply there, so water will be sun-heated, or an electric heater may be used. The toilets will be of a basic design (latrine type). The river is located within just a 15-min walk from the host house. Banya (Russian type of sauna) with hot water and shower is available. The volunteers will cook for themselves. Drinking water will be taken from a well. 2 local camp leaders will support volunteers in the practical issues. At weekends and days off the host organization provides sightseeing options.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Volunteers can join the events taking place in the village. Also, excursions and day trips will be organized to the natural preserve and open air museum of Divnogorye, neighbor towns, and Voronezh. The volunteers can enjoy swimming, fishing, hiking and taking sunbaths without any limitations!
It is easy to get to the place from Moscow, Voronezh or Liski.
Meeting place: Liski, Voronezh region.
REQUIREMENTS: Please send your motivation letter. Attention of allergic volunteers: physical work, a lot of sun, a lot of plants and herbs. Please, bring a sleeping bag and a repellent!
LANGUAGES: eng,eng

Olivenernte zusammen mit aelteren Freiwilligen
Türkei    GEN-29    SENIOR CAMP (YENISAKRAN)    01.11.-08.11.2017    AGRI/MANU/SENIOR   4vols
AGE: 35+
PROJECT: This workcamp is a special one for people over 35 years old. Afacan Youth House ( ) is a place where GENCTUR runs voluntary workcamps for disadvantaged youth and children, disabled people, teenagers and kids. In order to supply annual olive and olive oil stocks, the center will host volunteers to pick up and process olives from the garden.
WORK: Volunteers will collect olives from the trees, separate according to quality, pack, make stripes on olives, etc. There is a chance to see olive oil making process in a factory. As the youth center will be shut after this camp the volunteers will be asked to help to carry goods and some cleaning work as well as part of their daily work-
ACCOMODATION AND FOOD: In the youth center, in double rooms with toilet and shower. Food will be supplied at the center.
LOCATION AND LEISURE: Yenisakran is by the Aegean Sea, in west of Turkey. The next city is Izmir. Work camp site is safe and secure.
MEETING POINT: Afacan Youth House on the first day of the camp. Please arrange your travel to Izmir Airport. Further arrival details will be on the info sheet.
LANGUAGES: eng,tur