Workcamps in China (Hong Kong)

Vermittlungsgebühren 120€

 VolTra ist eine gemeinützige Nicht-Regierungs-Organisation in Hong Kong/ China und wurde 2009 gegründet. Sie organisieren Freiwilligendienste für lokale wie auch für internationale Teilnehmer.
IBG kooperiert seit 2011 mit VolTra.

Für China ist ein Visum erforderlich. Die Beantragung und Abholung muss persönlich erfolgen und es ist ein mindestens 6 Monate gültiger Reisepass erforderlich. Die Bearbeitungszeit beträgt etwa 14 Tage.

Projekt zur Erhaltung der Dorfgemeinschaft in Ping Che
China (Hong Kong)    HKVT06-15    “Saving our homes” in Ping Che    16.08.-29.08.2015    ENVI/SOCI/AGRI   14vols (no more female)
PROJECT: Founded in 2012, Ta Kwu Ling/Ping Che Alliance for “Saving Our Home is a self-initiated alliance by Ping Che villagers in Hong Kong. The visitor’s centre is set up to let the public know more about the lives and works of villages in Ta Kwu Ling/Ping Che. In June 2013, Ping Che Village School Art Festival was co-organized by the alliance.
WORK: The project is co-organized by VolTra and Ta Kwu Ling/Ping Che Alliance for “Saving Our Home”. The aims of Ta Kwu Ling/Ping Che Alliance for “Saving Our Home” are to protect villagers’ home and culture and to conserve the environment. Currently, the government and the villages are in discussion on the North East New Territories New Development Areas Planning.
Voluntary work:
1. Beautifying or renovation of village road or houses
2. Rehabilitating agricultural land
3. Assisting in community liaison
ACCOMMODATION: Workcampers are accommodated in village house of vistors’ centre. Sleeping bags and mats are needed.
LOCATION: In contrast to the densely populated areas of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, Ping Che is a sub-urban area characterised by natural scenery, charming small villages and stunning sunset. The place is also situated just next to Shenzhen, China.
TERMINAL: Hong Kong International Airport
SPECIAL REMARKS: There are a few pet dogs living in the visitors’ centre.

Hilf mit beim Erntefest einer lokalen Umweltschutzorganisation
China (Hong Kong)    HKVT07-15    Long Valley Harvest Festival    29.12.2015-12.01.2016    ENVI/AGRI/FEST   7vols
PROJECT: The Conservancy Association (CA) is dedicated to the protection of the environment and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage. CA’s mission is to enhance the quality of life of both this and future generations, and to ensure that Hong Kong shoulders her regional and global environmental responsibilities. We achieve this by advocating appropriate policies, monitoring government action, promoting environmental education and taking a lead in community participation. Since the establishment of the Association, we have been devoted to monitoring government environmental policies and promoting environmental education. Official Website:
WORK: The project is co-organized by VolTra and The Conservancy Association (CA). CA, founded in 1968, is the non-government environmental organization with the longest history in Hong Kong. A nature conservation management project for Long Valley has been organized since 2005, which aims to conserve Long Valley’s landscape and biodiversity through a series of active habitat and species management measures.
Voluntary work:
1. Set up, decorate and operate the booths for traditional kiln, straw art, food making in the Long Valley Harvest Fest
2. Prepare, build and transport the facilities and materials for the Long Valley Harvest Fest
3. Eco-crop packaging work
ACCOMMODATION: In the farming hut located in the farmlands of Long Valley. The living environment is very simple and basic but in a peaceful rural living style.
LOCATION: Long Valley is located at the northern urban edge of Hong Kong. With a total area of 150 hectares, it is the largest agricultural freshwater wetland in Hong Kong.
TERMINAL: Hong Kong International Airport
SPECIAL REMARKS: Very basic living condition but among the beautiful nature.