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Workcamps in China

Vermittlungsgebühren 120€

 VolTra ist eine gemeinützige Nicht-Regierungs-Organisation in Hong Kong/ China und wurde 2009 gegründet. Sie organisieren Freiwilligendienste für lokale wie auch für internationale Teilnehmer.
IBG kooperiert seit 2011 mit VolTra.

Für China ist ein Visum erforderlich. Die Beantragung und Abholung muss persönlich erfolgen und es ist ein mindestens 6 Monate gültiger Reisepass erforderlich. Die Bearbeitungszeit dauert etwa 5 Arbeitstage. 

Weihnachten in Hong Kong: Oekologische Landwirtschaft und historische Terrassenlandschaft!
China (Hong Kong)    HKVT01-15    Wing Lung Terraced Field Reform    21.12.2014-03.01.2015    ENVI/RENO/AGRI   7vols
PROJECT: The project is co-organized by VolTra and Hong Kong Community Development Network. Wing Lung Ecological Farm (WLEF) is one of the 75 registered eco-farms in Hong Kong. Workcampers will mainly work in the ecological farm, which was once the terraced field (ladder field) in Hong Kong. To reflect the significant historical value of the terraced field, WLEF would like to reform the terraced field eco-farming. Workcampers will help to reform the terraced field, cultivate herbs and fruits, and conserve the environment through renovation work
WORK: Volunteers will do a terraced field reform and weed removal work. They will also do organic herbs and fruits harvesting work. Moreover, they will take care of renovation of camp base and taking care of guard dogs.
ACCOMMODATION: Volunteers are accommodated in the simple and basic farming hut. All volunteers will share the same living area and there is no partition in the accommodation space. Sleeping bags and mats needed.
LOCATION: Sai Kung comprises the southern half of Sai Kung Peninsula and Clear Water Bay Peninsula in the New Territories plus a strip to the east of Kowloon in Hong Kong. In contrast to the densely populated areas of Hong Kong Island and Kowloon, Sai Kung’s heartland is a coastal area characterised by beautiful scenery, charming small villages and stunning seascapes. Located at Wing Lung Road in Sai Kung, WLEF has an organic herbs field, fruit field, terraced field area, a farming hut and a big front yield.
REMARK: You should not be afraid of dogs!

Erntedankfest im Long Valley zwischen Reisfeldern, Fischteichen und Naturschutzgebiet
China (Hong Kong)    HKVT02-15    Long Valley Harvest Festival     29.12.2014-12.01.2015    ENVI/AGRI/FEST   7vols
PROJECT: The project is co-organized by VolTra and The Conservancy Association (CA). CA, founded in 1968, is the non-government environmental organization with the longest history in Hong Kong. A nature conservation management project for Long Valley has been organized since 2005, which aims to conserve Long Valley’s landscape and biodiversity through a series of active habitat and species management measures. Long Valley is a historical site of paddy rice production in Hong Kong with hundreds of years of history and its ecological value is closely related to its agriculture. However, many farmlands have been abandoned due to aging farming population, insufficient labour and low financial return. Sustaining the local agriculture has a vital role to conserve local biodiversity and farming tradition. In this connection, CA has initiated to engage the local stakeholders to resume freshwater habitats and sustain wet farmlands, such as reintroducing paddy rice, Chinese arrowheads, water chestnut and lotus cultivation.
WORK: Volunteers will set up, decorate and operate the booths for traditional kiln, straw art, food making in the Long Valley Harvest Fest. Moreover, they will prepare, build and transport the facilities and materials for the Long Valley Harvest Fest. Mosquitoes are unavoidable in rural area. Mosquito net and coil incense will be provided. Please remember to bring mosquito repellent. No Smoking and alcohol are allowed within the farming area of Long Valley, including both indoor and outdoor space.
ACCOMMODATION: Workcampers are accommodated in the farming hut located in the farmlands of Long Valley. The living environment is very simple and basic but in a peaceful rural living style. Male and female workcampers will share the same living area and there is no partition in the accommodation space. Workcampers are required to sleep on the floor and carry their sleeping bags. Toilet, tap water, electricity, refrigerator, and fans will be provided at the farming hut.
LCOATION: Long Valley is located at the northern urban edge of Hong Kong. With a total area of 150 hectares, it is the largest agricultural freshwater wetland in Hong Kong. It is composed of more than 400 linking farmlands with wetland farms, fish ponds, swamps, streams and Fung Shui Wood which provide ideal habitats for local wildlife.